Velvet Starlings (Official Music Video)

My directorial debut for Velvet Starlings' hit song, 'If Life Ain't Getting You High'. Filmed and edited by me. Produced by SoundX3.

Motivational, Sport Inspired (Video Short)

Delphine is an entrepreneur and has her own social media management company, she models and is also an avid runner. She wanted to do a sport inspired photoshoot, showcasing some running apparel and her own love of running. Knowing that she is an avid runner and often races, I myself was inspired to create a short video in conjunction with the photos that had something of a motivational message. This is what came of it.

Rachel Yoga (Video Short)

This was my first session photographing Rachel and we've had many since. When she approached me to do a yoga themed shoot which I had never done before the wheels in my head were spinning as the sun beautifully set in the background. I said, "hey, the light is beautiful, let's try making a short video." We shot this on the fly, handheld and in very little time.

CaliSoul Fire (Event Video)

Amazing life coach, Dana Grant often creates intimate events such as these, where guests talk about various topics that include life goals, fears and challenges. She will incorporate exercises and discussions on how to overcome set backs and to reclaim our power.

Ryan & Alicia 10th Wedding Anniv. (Event Video)

Ryan & Alicia are dear friends of mine, they asked me to capture their special day and create a simple little video to commemorate it. It was a lovely ambience in the park as their friends and family filled the air with laughter and bubbles. All shot hand-held and on the fly!

Joleen K. (Video Portrait)

Once in awhile, during a photo shoot I'll get inspired to make a video portrait as well. I'll shoot video and gather small clips throughout the session, and create what I call a video portrait to add another dimension to the shoot.

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